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The machine base is a table top suitably supported by a sturdy steel angle frame. 1/2 h.p. 1440 rpm single-phase 220 Volts AC-50 cycle motor is used to drive the grinding lap. One tiny DC motor to drives the work piece.

The machine is equipped with 2 high definition camera, images from where are directly viewable on the monitor screen through a proprietary software.


A central housing contains the main shaft driven by the main motor, the rpm of which can be adjusted with the help of step pulleys provided. The main facetor of the machine is mounted on a bearing pedestal on top of a cross slide. The machine is fixed with the light attachment and a control panel, which contains the various electrical switches and a pilot lamp. The machine is fixed with coolant splashguards and coolant re-circulation system.


The Gemstone is fixed on to a metal doping stick with the help of glue. Doping stick is heated for glue to settle and fix the stone. The doping stick with stone is then inserted into the collet in the facetor and locked. The software installed helps you see the stone from top and front position on the screen. The software also allows you to set the parameters like the total height of the stone required as also the individual heights for the crown, pavilion and the girdle of the stone. You can also set the crown and pavilion angles as required. This will draw the controlling lines on the screen within which your stone must be worked upon. If the stone is not glued in the middle, there is a tapping mechanism that allows you to reset the doping stick within the collet so that the stone will move within the parameters and also be ground perfectly even though it was initially not glued perfectly. This results in better yield overall. Loading and un-loading of the stone and the angular movement are to be done manually.


The biggest advantages of this machine are:

  1. Easy and accurate monitoring of the process as the operator sees the complete process on the screen in real time.
  2. Better yield than any other equipment – This machine has a tapping mechanism to re-center the stone for correct rounding even if it was initially glued wrong.



The grinding lap, doping sticks, doping stick stands, heater, glue, CPU and Monitor are not provided with the machine.