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Base Plate for Grinding or Grit Laps

This is an aluminium base plate of 8 inch size used as the base for all Grit Laps. This needs to be used with every Grinding or Grit Lap used in our machines.

Brass Bead Gauge Tool

This gauge is used for measuring size of Gemstones.

Brass Dop Sticks

Brass dopsticks are mainly used with our machine models AEW-FPID, AEW-FPIT(2), AEW-FPIT(4), AEW-FPIT(6). The stone is glued on this stick for faceting and polishing on our machines. This stick has an indexing attachment which comes in the following options:
  1. 8 Divisions
  2. 10 Divisions
  3. 12 Divisions
  4. 14 Divisions

Dial Gauge for Measuring Gemstones

This dial gauge is used in measuring the size of gemstones. Its available in two sizes:
  1. 10 mm capacity
  2. 20 mm capacity

Dop Stick Stand

This dop stick stand is commonly used with our machine models AEW-CSM and AEW-FPK. Also used for keeping the dopsticks straight while heating them. This stand has multiple holes of the size of dopsticks on the top part and very small holes on the bottom part for the heat to pass through while heating

Dop Sticks – Wooden – Pre Glued

These are pre-glued wooden dopsticks mainly used with our machine models AEW-HPF and AEW-SPF for grinding and shaping of gemstones. This is sold as a pack of 50 Dopsticks

Dopping Glue – Two Epoxy Ressin

The two epoxy resin type dopping glue is mainly used in pre-forming or cabbing machines. It comes in 2 packets which have to be mixed thoroughly before applying to the dopstick.

Dopping Wax

Dopping wax is used for fixing gemstones onto dopsticks of all types - wooden, steel or copper. This is used with almost all our preforming, shaping and faceting machines. The Price is for each Kilo.

Faceting or Grinding Tool – Concave Machine

These tools are used for grinding or faceting of gemstones on our concave faceting machine models AEW-CFM and AEW-CFM(2). These tools are available in 600 Grit and in 3 sizes:
  1. 12 mm
  2. 16 mm
  3. 25 mm
The grinding or faceting tools should be of the same size as that of the polishing tools being used.

Gemstone Assoritng Tray

The Gemstone Assorting Tray is used for assorting and display of Gemstones. The velvet base protects the gemstone from getting scratched. This tray is available in 3 sizes:
  1. 6x8 inch
  2. 8x10 inch
  3. 10x12 inch

Gemstone Loupe

Loops are available in the following zoom levels:
  1. 10x
  2. 20x

Gemstone Sawing Blades

Gemstone Sawing Blades are available in the following sizes:
  1. 4 inch - wafer thin - copper base
  2. 4 inch - thin - steel base
  3. 4 inch - normal - steel base
  4. 5 inch
  5. 6 inch
  6. 8 inch