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Concave Faceting Machine – 2 Operators


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The basic machine concept is exactly the same as that of our model AEW-CFM. However, the major difference is that this machine can be operated by two persons simultaneously, thereby increasing output.

The machine base is made up of Cast Iron and is mounted on dull finish mica fixed board which forms the table with heavy supporting legs. There are two motors – one is 1/4 h.p. 1400 r.p.m. Single-phase 220 volts motor AC 50 cycle – used for rotating the faceting and polishing rollers simultaneously and the other, a small DC motor used for back and for the linear reciprocating movement of the polishing plate while polishing. The machine is fixed with a highly accurate faceting head which is moved back and forth and sideways with the help of slides which can be pre-set for the required distance.


The Gemstone is fixed on to a metal (brass/iron) dopstick with the help of dopping wax. The dopsticks are fixed with the indexing attachment. The faceting head has the numbered slots for different angles. One end of the dopstick is inserted into these angle slots and faceting and polishing is done according to the shape and size and requirement of the cutting styles. Various types of indexing attachments are available to achieve virtually any desired shape and cut. The faceting and Polishing rollers also come in a variety of sizes ranging from ½” dia to 1-1/4” dia. The number of options available for different cutting styles is enormous. The operator has only to use his imagination to achieve almost any style of cut. This is made possible by the angular shifting of the faceting head or that of the faceting and polishing rollers – provisions are given in the machine for both


The Faceting Rollers, the polishing rollers, dopsticks, dopstick stand, and transfer block are not provided with the machine and have to be procured separately at extra cost. Most stones have a flat table and this cannot be done on this machine – hence some other machine (we recommend our AEW-FPID model, as this machine is equipped with a similar faceting head) is required for this purpose. It is also our experience that for the sake of variety, people want only some of the facets to be concave cut and others to be flat cut – or they prefer the crown side to be flat cut and the pavilion side to be concave cut – in such cases also, the other machine for flat cutting and polishing is required.



  1. Excellent Machine for Concave Faceting & Polishing of virtually any size and shape.
  2. The first machine for simultaneous faceting and polishing- without the need to change laps – results in higher output and greater accuracy of the stone. Adapted to work on the facetors and dopsticks presently being used in the processing of normal faceted stones – results in lesser investment for back end operations.
  3. Also suitable for Twisted Faceting & Polishing to a high degree of accuracy.
  4. Two persons can operate the machine at one time. One can do faceting and the other can do polishing resulting in better yield per machine.

Additional information

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 65 x 100 x 60 cm

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